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Online banking makes your life easier – until it doesn’t

No one wants to spend all day in queue at their local branch in order to conduct their financial matters, but is online banking really all that helpful?

Multiple RBS embarrassments destroy its reputation further

When it rains it pours for RBS: not one but two major fiascoes have sent the beleaguered bank scrambling to apologise and regroup.

It’s a bad week for Barclays

Every bank in the UK might have its share of ups and downs, but this week Barclays takes the dubious honour of having the worst problems hands down.

Branches come and go, but poor customer service persists

The state of the UK personal and business banking system is in a shambles – banks are re-branding or shuttering branches left and right, but will this help?

Nationwide glitch affects over 70k current account holders

A computer glitch affecting more than 70,000 Nationwide current account holders has been rectified according to the mutual, as it apologised to its customers for the problems.

Current account customers leave big banks in droves

Current account customers have been leaving big High Street banks in droves in a search for more ethical financial service providers in the wake of so many of the problems recently plaguing the retail banking sector.

Savers continue to suffer as more banks withdraw best buys

With more banks and building societies scaling back their easy access savings account offerings, savers continue to suffer when it comes to making any real returns on their investment.